West Valley High School Teacher Stranded on Carnival Cruise Ship

REDDING, Calif. - A West Valley High School teacher and coach is among more than 4,200 people stranded on a Carnival cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico.

An engine fire broke out on the ship Sunday and has left the ship with limited water and power.

There are reports from some people that sewage is running down the walls on parts of the ship.

Al and Mana Davis of Redding said their daughter, Carla Davis, is on board. The West Valley High School volleyball coach and American Government teacher boarded the Carnival cruise ship Thursday.

The couple said she has traveled all over the world and that this was supposed to be a quick, relaxing cruise around the gulf.

Davis was supposed to be back in the Northstate and at work.

"She called a fellow teacher to tell her to please contact the school because that's been a real worry [...] she was supposed to be back to school," Mana Davis said.

Cell phone service is scarce in the Gulf of Mexico so the Davis' haven't been able to talk with their daughter.

"She texted another friend and told her to call me to say that she was fine and nobody was hurt," Mana said.

Mana said she even called Carnival, looking for some answers.

"I asked what instruction they were giving passengers, if they were making sure they had their life jackets on at all times and they said yes, they were and that they were having them out in the open area rather than going to their stay rooms because the elevators aren't working," Mana said.

Tug boats are working to tow the ship to Mobile, Alabama. It is expected to arrive on Thursday.

"It has to be miserable out there with no bathroom facilities, no water. I think it's just ridiculous," Al Davis said.

The couple said they are now just hoping for their daughter's safe return.

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