Wet weather won't stop Hops & Shops event

REDDING, Calif. - Downtown Redding's first ever Hops & Shops beer and local business event will shine-on, despite the ongoing rain.

"There's going to be some really great, outstanding beers and a chance to peek inside some stores that you don't normally visit," explained Jenny Hansen, Co-owner and CEO of Wildcard Brewing Co. in Redding.

Fifteen breweries will have a craft beer specialist on hand, pouring their select brews for those who purchase tickets to Saturday's event.

"It'll be a little bit wet on your way from shop-to-shop, but once you get inside you're golden. An umbrella could be key, some boots might be a good idea," said Hansen.

But Hansen said don't let a little rain keep you away from attending the Shops & Hops event. Organizers will have you covered.

"We're setting up the promenade with a bunch of tents so you can kind of duck and cover as you make your way through the promenade to all these different businesses," explained Hansen.

For ticket information visit the Viva Downtown Redding website.

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