Wife in custody after allegedly shooting husband

Wife in custody after allegedly shooting husband

BELLA VISTA, Calif. - A Bella Vista woman is in custody after deputies said she tried to kill her husband early Monday morning.

The shooting happened on Lewis Lane in Bella Vista.

According to Shasta County Sheriff's deputies there were two disturbance calls.

They said they initially got a call around 11:20 p.m. Sunday for a disturbance between 66-year-old Ralph Edwards and 56-year-old Joy Ann Edwards.

When deputies arrived on the scene they found Joy Ann extremely intoxicated but after deputies mediated the situation she told them she would go to sleep.

A Sheriff's captain said there was no crime committed during the deputies initial response so they left.

However a little later they got the call that Ralph had been shot.

He was taken to the hospital.

Joy Ann, however, refused deputies orders to come out of the home and negotiations lasted for more than an hour.

They used a loudspeaker to try and coax her out, all the while she was on the phone with a dispatcher who was also trying to convince her to surrender.

Deputies said occasionally she would open the front door and yell obscenities.

Finally she came out on the front porch and deputies shot her with non-lethal bean bag rounds.

After being medically cleared she was booked into the Shasta County Jail.

On Monday, Ralph said he was shot with a .25 caliber pistol.

He said he's been with Joy for 12 years but the two just married in July.

He said there's been problems before when Joy mixed alcohol and her medication.

Joy Ann is charged with attempted murder.

A Sheriff's Captain said in 2011 there were two disturbance calls to the home but it has been relatively quiet since this incident.

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