Woman Accused of Taking off with Donated Red Cross Money Gives Her Side

REDDING, Calif. - The woman accused of taking off with money donated by the American Red Cross is giving her side of the story.

Cynthia Leroux said her roommate, Tina Tideman, left her and Tideman's daughter stranded after the home they rented was burned on Bunker St. in Redding on Sun. night.

After our original story aired, Tideman reached out to KRCR News Channel Seven to give her side of the story. She claimed she didn't steal the money.  

She gave a variety of stories. It was difficult to get straight answers and to follow what she said happened.

At first she said she touched bases with her daughter on Tues. morning and gave her $150 worth of food. Then she said she had taken care of everything Mon. night.

"I gave my kids food. I did what was right," Tideman said.

After talking with her a little more, she said she had split the money between herself and her daughter.

She also said Cynthia had cancelled the card given to them.

"Amy bought $150 worth of food for everyone...everyone that lived in my home, had $150. I had $150 to live," Tideman said.

American Red Cross officials said they have trained volunteers who determine how much money is necessary to help families afford basic needs: food, clothes and lodging.

They said after hearing about this situation, they cancelled the re-loadable MasterCard.

They have been in touch with each party affected and said they will now be reissuing the necessary aid to each of them separately.

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