Woman Runs Car Off Highway 44 On-Ramp

REDDING, Calif. - When a woman ran her car off the side of Highway 44 Wednesday morning, it took some time for emergency responders to locate her.

The woman, Tina Radosevich, appeared to be in her 30's. According to the CHP dispatch page, Radosevich had called her mother at the time of the accident, who then called 9-11.

Radosevich claimed that she was entering the on-ramp to the Highway 44 from Shasta View Dr. in her Mitsubishi Galant when the car suddenly lost power.

It is possible that there was a transmission problem but Radosevich told California Highway Patrol officers that the car suddenly died.

CHP said that she was having a seizure when they arrived on the scene, however, they did not know whether the woman had a history of seizures or whether a similar epileptic episode had caused the accident.

The woman told officers she had attempted to pull to the side of the ramp
when the car lost power, which resulted in the car running off the side of the road.

The officers said that the woman was not arrested and there is no evidence that she was under the influence of drugs.

Radosevich was taken to a hospital to treat her injuries. Her condition is not known at this time.

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