Woman talks about attack, being saved by neighbors

Woman talks about attack, being saved by neighbors

ANDERSON, Calif. - A woman was punched in the face while walking home Monday night by a man allegedly high on methamphetamine, according to the Anderson Police Department.

The victim Megan, who did not want her last name released for safety reasons, said the suspect 19-year-old Phillip Ault lives in the neighborhood. Megan stated she does not know Ault.

"My glasses flew off my face when he punched me," Megan said. 

After she was attacked, Megan ran to a neighbor's house, where she found protection.

"He punched her in the face just before we got her in the house," explained Ray Garton.

Neighbors said Ault began to claim the home was his mother's mansion.

"He was threatening to kill her, screaming all kinds of threats," Garton said.

According to Garton, Ault broke his front window by throwing a brick through it, and then tried to climb inside. 

Garton protected his family and Megan by stabbing Ault in the arm a couple times as he tried to get in through the broken window.

"I thought he was going to try to come in and get me," Megan noted.

Bob Brown and his brother, who are neighbors down the street, went to see what was going on, and were able to corner him until Anderson police arrived.

Police said they used a stun gun on Ault two times before they could arrest him.

Megan's mom Sherri said this is her worst nightmare.

"I'm so just thankful that she didn't get hurt worse than that, nobody did," Sherri said.  

"I have a scratch [by my left eye], but really my nose is just a little swollen," Megan stated.

Garton is a horror and suspense writer and said this is one of his books come to life.

"It's a lot scarier when it happens to you than it is when you write or read about it," he said. 

He plans to incorporate this experience in his future books.

"When I write scenes like this from now on, they are going to be a lot  more accurate," Garton noted.

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