YMCA day campers beat the heat

REDDING, Calif. - Summer camp is a big part of the season in the Northstate. The YMCA day camp directors come up with a list of alternate activities when temperatures reach the triple digits. A typical day at the YMCA day camp would normally include plenty of time outdoors for campers and staff, but to keep everyone safe in the heat, camp directors limit outdoor activities to the morning hours.

Campers and staff have access to air conditioned gyms and classrooms at Turtle Bay elementary school. Field trips to the aquatic center also help campers beat the heat. The YMCA site director said they start to think about shifting their activities indoors when the temperature reaches 100 degrees.

"We try to hit it around 99-100 degrees. We only spend less than 15 minutes outside when it's over that amount, although we do have some walking field trips to the aquatic center. We just take that day by day." said Erika Stephens, site director.

Stephens said some day campers don't like the idea of not being able to spend time outside but the staff tries to keep campers excited about being indoors. Campers play games, sing songs and do art projects indoors to stay cool.

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