REDDING, Calif. -

A Redding home filled with explosives is under constant surveillance after a man was seriously injured, and neighbors say they thought his behavior was odd from the start.

More than 40 pounds of explosives lay quietly inside a home on Chaparral Drive.

It’s the same location where 63-year-old D-Ray East blew off most of his hand Thursday night.

He originally reported that he was making rocket fuel, but then admitted to Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko that he was making an explosive device that went off.

East’s next-door neighbors, Bob and Brenda Belongie, said East kept to himself.

They didn’t even know his name; however, they did notice some suspicious lab equipment on his back patio.

“Some weeks ago, we observed what we thought was some drug activity and we alerted authorities," said Bob Belongie. “They were checking into this individual from that standpoint.”

The roadblock on Chaparral Drive is still in place and could be for weeks.

People like the Belongies are free to stay, but once they leave they can’t go back.

Brenda Belongie said it’s inconvenient, but they want authorities to take their time and do it right.

“It challenges you emotionally, it challenges you spiritually, it challenges you physically; but we are very blessed with very good friends.”

Upon Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko’s request, the Shasta County Board of Supervisors has ratified Bosenko’s declaration of a local emergency.

That will mean more state and federal support.

Bosenko has also gotten a lot of good information from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

They handled a similar crisis back in 2010.

In that case, law enforcement decided to burn the house down to keep explosives that could require physical contact to detonate from going off.

If the Shasta County Sheriff’s Department does burn the home, many agencies will be involved including the Shasta County Public Health Agency.

Still, authorities including Bosenko aren’t willing to share what lies inside the home.

“We’re not releasing the types of explosives or the chemicals in the unit until we have a chance to talk with the individual who is in the hospital,” said Bosenko.

The individual who is in the hospital is D-Ray East himself.

He has been in the hospital since the explosion took place, and according to authorities, wasn’t coherent enough to answer questions yet.

It is unclear whether he had spoken to authorities as of Tuesday night.

As of right now, all options are on the table.