Sun shines on Whiskeytown's 3rd Annual Harvest Festival

POSTED: 4:49 PM Sep 21 2013
Sun shines on Whiskeytown's 3rd Annual Harvest Festival

The sun shined on Whiskeytown's 3rd Annual Harvest Festival Saturday afternoon near French Gulch.

The festival was held at Camden House in the Tower House Historic District just west of Whiskeytown Lake.

There were guided tours of Camden House, which dates back to mid-19th century Gold Rush times.

But apples were the main focus with an arborist on-hand explaining a restoration project going on there and the ten different varieties found around the site.

The oldest trees were planted by pioneers and the event was a learning opportunity for those who attended.

“Today is about exploring and learning more about our historic orchards here at Whiskeytown,” says Danica Willis, Cultural Resources Program Manager at Whiskeytown. “These are orchards dating back to the 1850s and we're here to kind of educate people about what's going on with our orchard restoration and try some new apples.”

Along with apple tasting there was an apple bake-off and other kinds of interactive events apple juice made by hand and on-site.