April showers delay prep work on Red Bluff Round-Up dirt

April showers delay prep work on Red...

RED BLUFF, Calif. - Grounds crews with the Red Bluff Round-Up Association are not a big fan of the wet weather this week.

Red Bluff Round-Up Vice President Mike Dudley said they're eager to prep the arena for this weekends events but need to wait for the dirt to dry.

"If we were to have slack today they would probably end up rodeo on it (sic), the way it looks right now. There's basically nothing we can do to it," said Dudley.

Dudley prides himself for having some of the best dirt for rodeo in the nation. The Red Bluff Round-Up has won the Justin Best Footing Award three times and placed runner up three times as well, the latest in 2015.

Dudley said on any given year crews would have started plowing Monday for the week's events. "Right now I'm afraid that if we brought a tractor in we would end up stuck in the middle of the arena," said Dudley.

With more chances for showers in the forecast, Dudley said crews will have to wait until early Wednesday morning to work in the dirt but are hoping for the best conditions possible.

"We know down about 3 inches it's fairly solid ground and well go down and get it, turn it upside down and bring the dry dirt to the top," said Dudley.

In 2010 the Red Bluff Round-Up Association used a helicopter to help dry the dirt in the arena. Dudley said that may not be an option this year.

"To use the helicopter you have to have sunshine and dry air to push down into it and the way it is right now you'd be pushing this humidity. You'd have to have it dry," said Dudley.

Until Wednesday crews are leaving the field as is so any new rainfall will run off instead of soak even further and create a larger mud pit.

"It's an outdoor rodeo. It's outdoors you deal with what we've dealt with, and we've dealt this year with rain. So there's not a whole lot we can do about it, it's just the way it is. And the cowboys understand that, cowboys and the cowgirls," said Dudley.

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