Bed bugs move in, terrorize young couple

RED BLUFF, Calif. - More bed bugs have been found in the Northstate
A couple in an apartment in Red Bluff on Tuesday said they're being mistreated by their landlord during the fumigation.

Malissa and Jason Bunn said they and their five children are literally being driven out of their home with these bed bugs.
It's the third time the newlyweds are moving out their belongings to have their apartment fumigated for bed bugs.
"We've lost all of our kid's dressers that need to be replaced," said Malissa Bunn.  "Beds need to be replaced, our beds, couches, furniture, electronics, everything they are in everything."
The couple said they moved into the Kimball Crossing Apartments in Red Bluff at the beginning of the year.
"We moved in thinking; yes, we'll stay here for a year or two save up get into house," said Malissa Bunn.

The Bunns said they started seeing bed bugs in their apartment in late June. They called their landlord to take care of it.
"Four days later, there more than we've seen to begin with," said Malissa Bunn.
They explained the problem kept getting worse.  Bed bugs started showing up all over their apartment leaving bite marks on their five children.
"To watch our kids being tormented, it feels like child abuse," said Jason Bunn.
The couple also explained they spent more than $900 to have their laundry cleaned, and said they were promised that management would reimburse them.
"We can't even talk to anyone here. There's no management that we are allowed to talk to.  We have to talk to a lawyer that is out of Sacramento.  It's just terrible," said Jason Bunn.

The Bunns said they have not received their money. We tried to contact their landlord, but we were told she was not available.   We were told by staff to call their corporate office in San Diego for comment but no one was available.

"We have five kids we can't afford all of this extra stuff," said Jason Bunn.

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