Brand new cars for Tehama County deputies

RED BLUFF, Calif. - The Tehama County Sheriff's Department is rolling out some brand new cars.

The 2013 Ford Police Interceptor vehicles are built for pursuit; with all wheel-drive and a fuel injected V6 engine, the department felt like they couldn't go wrong.

The search for new vehicles came when the Ford Motor Corporation announced they were discontinuing the Crown Victoria Patrol Vehicles, a very popular patrol car, and the Tehama County deputies stand-by.

Comparatively, the new Ford Interceptor SUV offers deputies greater power and handling than the older Crown Victoria, and saves on gas.

Several other agencies have tested out the Interceptor, including the Michigan State Police, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, and the  California Highway Patrol.

They said the vehicle passed with flying colors when it comes to the important things like acceleration, braking, handling, and anything involving a pursuit.

The vehicles were ordered for Tehama County with minimal emergency equipment to save Tehama County money, with the option of purchasing and equipping the vehicles at a lower cost using the sheriff's auto shop.

The estimated price to install the equipment ran around $3,000 per vehicle in labor costs.

The vehicles also sport new decals, resulting in an overall new look to the fleet.

The first sheriff's vehicle was completed and released to sheriff's patrol on Thursday.

The next five vehicles will roll out of the sheriff's auto shop in the next few weeks.

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