Corning Olive Festival prepares for its 24th year

CORNING, Calif. - The 24th Annual Corning Olive Festival is back and for 2013, the festival is adding many new additions.

For one, the festival will last until August 24 and will have an olive-spitting contest, where people of any age group can compete amongst each other to see who can spit the furthest. However, there are some rules to follow.

"The one that caught my eye is the one about the false teeth," said Yvonne Bales, a volunteer for the Corning Olive Festival. "You're welcome to come and spit but take your teeth out before you come because we don't have insurance."

Bales said that the spitting contest is very official.

"It's going to be like a long jump, they're going to lay out a paper and then see how far you can spit," Bales.

There are many more events at the festival, which you can view here.

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