Fire destroys Corning printing business

CORNING, Calif. - Towering flames ripped through a downtown printing business on Sunday morning.

Firefighters got the call just after 10 a.m. When they arrived about five minutes later, they found the building housing Adman Printing fully involved in flames.

Despite their best efforts, the building was a total loss. However, two nearby businesses fared much better.

"There's two adjoining buildings that could have suffered damage," said Chief Martin Spannaus of the Corning Fire Department. "We had a complete save on both those buildings."

Tenants of those buildings were grateful for firefighters' efforts.

"The guys did a great job, it's just amazing," said Lisa Rodriguez. "We see these guys every day in our lives and to see them actually doing work this close up is pretty incredible."

Nobody was hurt in the fire. The printing business' owner, Steve Turner, wasn't even in town when it started. One of his clients, who watched the building burn, said he was known for doing good work in Corning.

"He did a lot of stuff that helped people that, you know, couldn't afford stuff or for non-profit organizations or just in general to help people out," said Darrin McHenry.

Investigators are still working to determine what caused the fire.

"There's chemicals, a lot of equipment, a lot of the back area was used for storage. Quite honestly, it was pretty cluttered," said Chief Spannaus.

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