Man accused of murdering Marysa Nichols back in court

Man accused of murdering Marysa Nichols back in court

RED BLUFF, Calif. - The man accused of killing a Red Bluff teenager was back in court Tuesday morning.

Quentin Bealer is accused of murdering 14-year-old Marysa Nichols, whose body was found in a field behind Red Bluff High School in February.

Bealer was supposed to have a preliminary hearing at the Tehama County Courthouse next week, and officials told us that new details regarding the investigation would be released at that hearing.

At the last minute, the court appearance was switched to Tuesday morning.

Bealer's attorney, Shon Northam, asked for everything to be pushed back because he said he is still waiting on a lot of discovery needed to go forward with this case.

"There is a lot of information that I don't have yet that I should have but again homicide cases are complex," Northam said.

He said typically, these type of cases do take a lot of time, sometimes even years.

"[Bealer's] life is on the line here. He's facing significant jail time, essentially a death sentence effectively if he's convicted so this is not a situation where there should be a rush to just hurry up and go through the process and be done with it," Northam said. 

Northam also said that it is difficult to keep the case rolling when there's still a lot of missing information.

"I'm sure that law enforcement is doing their best to turn those materials over and it's just part of the process but its also frustrating," Northam said.

At this point, he said it's a waiting game.

"Things need to be investigated," Northam said. "I think there are some problems with the case that need to be flushed out and the defense needs to take a look at that evidence in this case closely."

Bealer is scheduled to be back in court in July to be tried for some of his smaller charges.

The murder trial does not continue until September. Northam said he is optimistic that by then, they will have all the information needed to go forward with the case.

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