Manton Families Start Rebuilding Process

MANTON, Calif. - Some families affected by the Ponderosa Fire haven't wasted any time getting the cleaning and rebuilding process started.

Pat and Mary Jane White's home on Ponderosa Way was destroyed in the fire. They are definetely sad about the things they lost, but they are staying positive and are quite motivated to start building a new home.

We met with Pat White and his contractor, Tim Rayl, on his property where Eddie Axner Construction has already started cleaning up the debris.

White told us he brought his insurance adjuster last week, took inventory of what was left and then hired a contractor so they could get the process going as soon as possible.

He says it's all about moving forward. "It's progress. I mean you feel like you're getting something done now that the demolitions begun and things are getting cleaned up and you kind of see what you're going to be doing. It's pretty exciting. It's like starting all over again."

The White's contractor, Tim Rayl, told us the first step in getting the rebuilding process started is bringing your insurance agent to your property to survey the damage.

Once costs are set and you are ready to hire a contractor, you'll need to get your demolition and temporary power permits from the county.

When you're ready to rebuild a new home, Rayl said you'll need to draw out a plan. When that's done, you take the plans to the county for approval. Once the plan is finalized, you will be ready to apply for a building permit.

Tehama County is waiving the fees for the demolition and temporary power permits for fire victims, but you will still need to go down there and get the actual

For more information:

Tim Rayl, Contractor: 530-945-5909

Eddie Axner Construction: 530-221-2103

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