Orland community pool's reopening a splash hit

ORLAND, Calif. - Hundreds of people were on hand Saturday as the 75-year-old Orland Pool reopened after the recent completion of a renovation project.

The Orland Pool first opened in May of 1939, and was in dire need of upgrades.

The city was able to use city recreation money to get the overhaul project done, which included making the pool deeper for swimming competitions and adding a heating mechanism to warm the water.

Orland City Manager Pete Carrs said the pool had often been criticized because of its chilly temperature.

"It's been 75 years that we've been enjoying this pool but it was awful cold. Now we've got a warm, more energy efficient, beautiful pool to use," Carr said.

Not only will the upgrades be a benefit for the general public but it will also serve as better swimming conditions for the local swim team.

"This is both for recreation as well as for our Orland Otters competitive swim team. It's a much better facility for both."

Community members volunteered time and energy painting murals throughout the pool and generally beautifying the aging structure.

The day's events also included a look back at ceremonies from when the pool first opened and demonstrations from lifeguards.

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