PARENT ALERT: Police searching for attempted kidnapping suspect

CORNING, Calif. - Corning Police are searching for a man they said tried to kidnap a juvenile.

According to police the juvenile was walking home from a cousin's birthday party to a residence located on Toomes Ave around 1:15 p.m. Saturday. When the juvenile reached a stop sign at Edith Ave at Blackburn Ave. an older van with tinted windows pulled up alongside the child.

Police said the driver told the juvenile to "come here." The driver then reached out to grab the juvenile's right arm.

The child pulled away without being touched and took off running.

The van is described as black, an older, 1970s model, with tinted windows and both sides of the vehicle appeared to be rusting. The license plate frame had "Redding" on it and the first number on the plate was possibly a "6."

The driver is described as a white man, in his mid 50's, balding with his hair combed over to conceal the balding.

His hair was brownish-red.

He also had a mustache and wore oval glasses and had a gray tank top.

Anyone with information should contact the Corning Police Department at 530-824-7000.

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