PG&E installs power poles for better reliability

PG&E installs power poles for better...

LOS MOLINOS, Calif. - PG&E crews were out in Los Molinos Thursday finishing an upgrade project that should prevent and shorten power outages.

Spokesperson Paul Moreno said the project began in January but was delayed due to storms.

They installed four new power poles and sensors throughout the area.

The upgraded poles are expected to improve electric reliability for 4,000 customers.

Moreno said the poles work with improved sensors to help restore energy automatically, reducing downtime waiting for crews to arrive.

The new poles can also sense outages before they happen, and reroute power.

"I think it's a wonderful thing PG&E's doing to ensure reliable power for our community. I love electricity, I'm sure everybody does," Shannon Hoskins said.

Hoskins said while power outages aren't frequent, they can last days at a time. 

PG&E is hoping to install this new technology for all their customers.

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