Printing business fire may have been human caused

CORNING, Calif. - Corning fire investigators are running down leads in Sunday's fire at Adman Printing – which may have been sparked by a person.

One day after flames ripped through the locally owned printing shop on Solano Street, Fire Chief Martin Spannaus said they are investigating reports of someone seen leaving the area around the time flames broke out.

Orange flames and smoke blackened the inside of the Adman Printing store just after 10 a.m. Sunday and charred small parts of neighboring businesses – but only the printing shop was a complete loss.

Monday, Steve Turner, the shop's owner, said this "life-changing event" has shaken his family, but he refuses to dwell on the negativity of it all.

Turner has owned Adman Printing in Corning for what would have been 22 years on April 1.

He said he's been replaying the whole incident in his mind, questioning his movements before he locked up and left "did I leave something on?" Turner said.

Turner said he was out of town when flames erupted, and in complete disbelief when his daughter called to tell him his printing business caught fire.

Prior to the fire, Turner said he was in the process of making plans to sell his shop.

Fire investigators are continuing to follow up on tips on what or who could have ignited the fire.

If you have information, contact the Corning Fire Department at 530-824-7044.

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