Retrieving runaway pets after noisy New Year's celebrations

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RED BLUFF, Calif. - Ringing in the New Year may have been a blast, but loud noises like fireworks could have frightened your pet into making a run for it.

"Fireworks are loud noises, even dogs that are OK with guns, fireworks are so much louder and they're so out of nowhere," said Christine McClintock, manager for the Tehama County animal shelter.

"It's scary for them, so a lot of them will try and hide," explained McClintock.

Just as predictable as the New Year itself, area animal shelters usually see an increase in strays being brought in, because of the New Year's booming celebrations.

"Since New Year's Eve, we've had 11 dogs come in as strays. Most of them in populated areas, but they wandered far enough away from home that nobody recognized them," said McClintock.

The Tehama County animal shelter wants pet owners to keep a few tips in mind the next time a firework friendly holiday rolls around.

"Sometimes, it helps to play some calming music. Leave the radio on, the TV on, so there's background noise so when fireworks come on it's not as loud. Make sure the dogs are in a place where they feel safe, so if they're used to being inside the house, inside the house. If they have a crate, [put them] in the crate," recommended McClintock.

If your pet went wandering off because of all the commotion of ringing in 2014, be sure to call your local shelter.

"Also, check Craigslist. A lot of people who find dogs don't want to bring them straight here so they post them on Craigslist under Lost+Found or under Pets saying, I found my dog, I lost my dog, so keep an eye on those websites," explained McClintock.

In Tehama County, owners have four days, not including the day animals were found on the street, to be retrieved from the shelter. After that, those pets can be put up for adoption.

To contact the Tehama County Animal Shelter call (530) 527-3439.

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