Some DNA not a match to Marysa Nichols' accused killer

RED BLUFF, Calif. - Some DNA evidence found on slain teen Marysa Nichols' body, was not a match to Quentin Bealer, the man accused of murdering the 14-year-old.

Motion documents handed over to the Tehama County criminal division, filed by Bealer's attorney Shon Northam, contained a physical evidence examination report, done by the Redding Criminalistics Laboratory.

The lab compared the DNA, a mixture of at least two sources, found on Nichols' right breast swab.

It concludes that one part of the mixed DNA does belong to the teen.

As for the identification on the second contributor, the summary/results section says, "Quentin Bealer is excluded as a major contributor to the mixture," but it makes "no interpretation...regarding the possible source of the low-level minor allele."

An ear swab, the report says, detected only Nichols' DNA.

Marysa Nichols's body was found soon after she went missing in February of this year.

"No, he ain't the guy, yet they refuse to come clean," said Eddy Bealer, Quentin's father.

Bealers' father added that he hasn't wavered in his son's innocence.

"It was contaminated from the get go. It was wrong from the get go," says Eddy Bealer.

He believes that even with this new evidence, seemingly clearing his son from being linked as the killer, he's still fearful for his son's safety.

"They got the wrong person and they know it, but they'll let my son go to the gallows," says Eddy Bealer.

Calls to the Red Bluff Police Department were not returned.

Calls to the Tehama County District Attorney's office went unanswered Monday, though on Tuesday, D.A. Gregg Cohen told KRCR News Channel 7 he disputed the contents of this story, though he would not specify what he felt was inaccurate.

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