CHICO, Calif. -

The 22nd Annual Thanksgiving Basket Brigade Tuesday night in Chico saw 200 turkey dinners handed out to families in need.

The event at Azad's Martial Arts Center is made up of martial arts students who help in the baskets preparation, along with various other community members.

Grandmaster Azad and his students raise money every year to provide needy families with their own Thanksgiving dinner.

The basket includes everything from turkey, to mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy--and they even throw in a pumpkin pie for dessert.

Grandmaster Azad says giving to the community is a lesson that is very important in martial arts.

"Everything we do in our martial arts school is based on community service," says Grandmaster Azad. "The word 'samurai' means 'the person that serves'--'the human being that serves.' We want to be in that spirit, the spirit of giving. We want to teach the kids, 'What does it mean to help other people?' 'What does it mean to step outside of your own boundary and go out of your way to help somebody else?'"

Azad says in the 22 years the "Basket Brigade" has been going on 30,000 people have been fed by their Thanksgiving dinners.

The Chico Noon Exchange Club, Recology and Transfer Flow Inc. are among the groups that makes the giveaway a possibility.