REDDING, Calif. -

In the same week, two men, in two different situations, have fired warning shots after feeling threatened.

The latest incident happened Thursday afternoon, when an alleged marijuana-grow robber wielded a knife at Clinton Cervenka.

“He's coming at me, lunging at me like this with his knife,” Cervenka said as he described being backed up against a fence.

"I think ‘man, what am I going to do?’ and he got me about three feet from that fence and the gun went off. He stopped," says Cervenka.

On the other side of the fence, Dustin Burge says is his legal marijuana crop.

That’s what both men say they were protecting.

“I walked over here and said you need to leave. And homie got out of his car and started pulling a knife out, so I just pop,” says Burge.

He says he only fired once, into the ground.

“If that shot didn't go off, he probably would have stuck me," says Cervenka.

Another warning-shot situation happened earlier in the week, late Monday night in Cottonwood.

Militia member Jim Haagenson, fired his weapon, into the ground, after tailing an alleged stolen 4-Runner.

Both men say they pulled the trigger because they felt threatened.

But Burge was the only shooter who was arrested.

"As a person, [I was] trying to defend myself, just like the guy in Cottonwood with the five shots. He didn't get in trouble at all. I just shot once. I shot into the ground, just like he did,” says Burge.

The militia member is not being charged.

Burge doesn’t believe that’s right.

The Redding Police Department says these cases do have similarities, but are in fact different.

Burge was arrested for negligent discharge of a firearm within city limits.

It’s illegal to fire a weapon inside the City of Redding’s borders.

In the Cottonwood shooting, those shots were fired in Shasta County’s jurisdiction.

No charges were filed for discharging a firearm there.

"I did what I did to save my life and my family member’s life," says Burge.

Both victims in this situation say they just want to stop being targeted.

"I want this thing just to be over with and people to stay away from my house," says Cervenka.

Redding Police say they continue to search for the robber and the female getaway driver.