REDDING, Calif. -

A water main break in Redding caused people to evacuate their homes Friday morning.

City officials said 11 people have been displaced.

Water gushed from the intersection of Magnolia Avenue and Shasta Street.

It poured into homes, rousing people awake, forcing evacuations and forcing crews to jump into action.

"I woke up in my recliner hearing water and when I looked at the floor, got the light on, and I saw this huge puddle just heading towards my chair," described Donna Baker.

Baker's home was flooded.

She said she didn't know where the water was initially coming from.

"So I looked [outside] and I thought well it's not raining and I could see the water falls everywhere but then I reached out, well it's not raining, she said."

On Friday morning Baker surveyed the soggy mess left behind in her living room of six years.

The power and water were turned off and her carpet destroyed.

Baker said she's had two hip replacements and has a bad back.

She said dealing with this situation is the last thing she needs.

"This is going to turn my life upside down but I hurt too bad to have my life turned upside down."

For the time being the city is having evacuees stay at the Marriott-Towne Place Suites in Redding.