Longtime doctor to retire, cites gov't restrictions

Longtime doctor to retire, cites gov't restrictions

CITY OF SHASTA LAKE, Calif. - A Northstate doctor is hanging up his stethoscope after more than 35 years.

Dr. Ronald Chambers, a family physician in the City of Shasta Lake, said the government has too many restrictions on doctors, making it increasingly difficult to practice.

Dr. Chambers has been practicing medicine for 38 years.

For 37 years he has has had a practice on Ashby Court in the City of Shasta Lake.

Over the years the doctor has seen hundreds of thousands of patients.

Chambers said right now he has between four and five thousand patients.

"I actually thought one day they would find me laying on the floor in here dead at age 90, but I just can't take the government," said Chambers.

Soon the thousands of rainbow-colored medical records that line his walls will be removed.

"I can't talk to people and I can't see people like I used to. That's the fun part of the job," he explained.

Chambers said he used to see 45 people a day but said with new government regulations, paperwork and charting, he's lucky if he sees 30 to 32 patients.

"It's just busy work and it's not anything to do with real patient care."

Looking to the future while he believes everyone should have healthcare he said government restrictions will make it difficult.

"That the very thing that they're wanting us to do, everyone have insurance, is not going to happen at the rate we're seeing patients," said Chambers.

Dr. Chambers is set to be done May 30, but he might be taking off his white coat completely.

He's hoping someone will come and turn his practice into a clinic and he could still practice medicine with the help of a scribe.

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