Magnolia St. evacuees seek answers in living situation

REDDING, Calif. - The water main break that happened last month off Magnolia and Shasta Streets in Redding is still affecting about a dozen people. Many of them staying in a hotel not being able to return home due to the damage that the flood made.

But unfortunately they might not be able to stay in the hotel much longer. The evacuees said the city is giving them two weeks to find somewhere else to live.

"Basically just dumped us off and there you go," said Kellen Jeans, an evacuee.

"I'm 72-years-old and it's just added stress more to my life," Karin Storm said.

Jeans and Storm said in two weeks they wont have anywhere to go. They said the City of Redding had originally promised them that they would be able to stay there until their apartments were repaired. The city also provided them $125 a week for food.

"When we first got here they said that we could move back into the apartments in a couple of months," Storm said.

Then last week they received a letter telling them they have two weeks to move.

"They show up with a meeting and drop this date on us you get till the 21st to get out. You have two weeks to find a house," Jeans said.

"I pretty much went into shock," Storm added.

Jeans and Storm said they are still paying rent on the apartment they live in. They said they've tried talking to the city and their property management company but they aren't being very responsive.

Real Property Management, who owns the apartments, was not available for comment.

Neither was the manager of the complex.

We also emailed Christian Carmona, City of Redding's risk manager, but we were told he was out for the day.

Kellen and Karin said they want answers and said they will not stop until they get them.

"Im frustrated from being lied to. We felt like we've been done wrong and I have," Jeans said.

"The whole group is upset with what happened which maybe they should of checked their waterlines long before they did," Storm said.

We are still waiting for a response from the City of Redding and the management team.

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