Shasta County man charged with ex-wife's murder pleads not guilty

Shasta County man charged with...

REDDING, Calif. - The man accused of murdering his ex-wife Bridget Jacobs finally entered a plea on Tuesday afternoon. 

Philip Jacobs' arraignment originally began last Thursday but was continued this week. Now with a private attorney by his side Jacobs entered a not guilty plea. 

Timothy Prentiss II is representing Jacobs.  Prentiss explained he used to work with the Shasta County Public Defenders Office and has experience with serious cases.

"This case is different than any other case I've had," he said. 

Philip is suspected of killing Bridget and dumping her body in Whiskeytown Lake. On Friday and Saturday divers found human remains believed to be Bridget.

"He (Philip) called me, I talked to him and it seemed like the right thing to do." 

Prentiss did not release any details on the case or his strategy.

"Law enforcement is doing their investigation. We are completing our investigation, we are just beginning. So there is a lot of information that is going to come out that isn't out right now," Prentiss explained. 

He added this case has already had media attention and people talking about Philip's character. Prentiss does not want his client to be tried in the media before given a fair trial.

"We would prefer not to have to talk about the facts and circumstances of the case unless it's in a courtroom. Right now obviously the information coming out is from law enforcement and that's one side of the facts," Prentiss said. "Then I've seen some folks talk about my client and the deceased and we are just not in a position where we want to kind of go back and forth with that." 

Philip is expected back in court on April 18 to set a date for his preliminary hearing.

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