Man accused of strangling mother charged

Accused murderer brought up on charges

CHICO, Calif. - A Chico man accused of killing his mother last week in their home was in front of a judge Wednesday afternoon.

Brian Weissinger was in front of a judge for only a few minutes to face murder charges after allegedly strangling his mother.

Weissinger was brought in by a wheel chair for unknown reasons into the courtroom.

A disturbance was reported last Wednesday at 10 p.m. on a home on Morseman Avenue.

Inside the home, police officers and sheriff's deputies found the body of Weissinger's mother, 71-year-old Rochanah Weissinger.

Weissinger had reportedly been in an argument with his mother last Wednesday.

Weissinger was located by law enforcement at a nearby relative's house where he was detained but not arrested.

Later an autopsy revealed Weissinger's mother had been strangled to death.

Detectives arrested Weissinger for his mother's murder on Friday.

Weissinger did not enter a plea. He was appointed a public defender and will be in court Thursday morning for further arraignment and entry of plea.

His bail is set $1 million.

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