Man arrested for making threats with a full automatic weapon

Butte County Sheriff's deputies arrested 37-year-old Jerome Saravia Wednesday night after he allegedly threatened a man with a fully automatic gun and a knife.

Deputies were called to the CAL FIRE station in Kelly Ridge around 8:30 p.m. after a man came to the station to report that he had been threatened with a gun and a knife.

Law enforcement interviewed the victim and determined the incident had taken place at 26 Demetri Pl. in Bangor where they contacted Saravia. During their investigation deputies found a rifle and a handgun that belonged to Saravia. The handgun had been converted to fire fully automatic.

Saravia was arrested for being a felon in possession of two firearms, possession of a full auto firearm, possession of ammunition, possession of a high capacity magazine and possession of a firearm with the serial number removed.

Saravia was booked in to Butte County Jail and bail was set at $135,000.

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