Man critically injured in motel drug lab explosion

REDDING, Calif. - A woman was arrested Saturday after an explosion at the Howard Johnson Express Inn on Bechelli Lane Friday night. Investigators said a honey oil extraction lab exploded in one of the rooms.

Redding Police said the blast left one man in critical condition with severe burns. The burn victim, 28-year-old Daniel Ogram, was flown to a burn center in another county for treatment of his injuries.

After the explosion Friday night it was reported two women with two toddlers or infants fled the scene in a red, Ford Mustang.

Officers searched the area for the women and children but they were never found. 

On Saturday afternoon Redding police got a tip one of the women was at the Lazy Landing mobile home park outside of Redding.

Officers said they contacted 27-year-old Amanda Hepler.

She was with three of her five children, a two-month-old, a one-year-old and a two-year-old.

Officers said Hepler confirmed she and her three young children were at the Howard Johnson during the explosion and fled fearing police contact.

Hepler was arrested for an outstanding felony burglary warrant.

The children were taken into protective custody.

Hepler and her children had no obvious physical injuries from the explosion.

Police and firefighters responded to a report of an explosion the motel at 2731 Bechelli Lane at 9:50 p.m. Friday.  Officers found Ogram standing outside his motel room with severe burns all over his body.

Firefighters extinguished items that were still burning inside the room.

Police said Ogram had been operating a marijuana honey oil extraction lab inside the motel room when the lab exploded, causing major damage to the room and severely burning Ogram.

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