Man found 'wrapped like a burrito' outside Taco Bell

ANDERSON, Calif. - An Anderson transient was arrested after police said they found him wrapped up like a burrito inside a trash bin at the Taco Bell in Anderson.   Police were called to the restaurant  in the 2700 block of McMurray Drive at 10:38 p.m. Monday.

Police arrested 57-year-old Varnel Don Adamson Junior on a felony warrant.

Officers were called to the scene after receiving a report of an intoxicated man sleeping inside a trash bin behind the restaurant.

They said they found Adamson in the trash bin wrapped like a burrito in several plastic wrappers.

Anderson Police said he was asleep and highly intoxicated.   Adamson had a warrant for his arrest for a parole violation.  Officers said he had a small amount of methamphetamine.

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