Man shoots, kills friend he thought was burglar

SHINGLETOWN, Calif. - A Manton man was shot and killed when he attempted to retrieve his boot from a Shingletown property.

Shasta County Sheriff's deputies arrested 55-year-old Michael Ackley after they said he fired 10 rounds from an AR 15 early Tuesday morning.

One of those shots struck and killed 47-year-old James Arnel of Manton.

The shooting happened outside a trailer on Meadows Drive off Pine Hollow Drive in Shingletown.

Arnel and his mother, Ida Arnel, also of Manton, had been drinking beer on Ackley's property earlier in the night.

Deputies said the mother and son left but came back later because James had forgot his boot.

When they returned, Ackley started firing at the pair from his trailer.

Ackley told detectives he thought the two were burglars.

Arnel was hit in the torso and died at the scene.

Don Wood, who lives across the street, described what he heard.

"Well about two this morning they woke me up and I came out and I could hear a big party going on over there and so I just went back to bed and at about three some big noise woke me up and I came back out and I heard hollering and screaming," said Wood.

In an interview with Sheriff's deputies Ackley and Ida said there had been no problems earlier in the night when the three had been drinking.

Ida Arnel was not struck with a bullet but had a laceration on her left arm, possibly from shattered glass.

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