Man Stabbed at Bombay's Bar

REDDING, Calif. - Redding police are looking for a man who reportedly stabbed another man at a bar.

It happened Monday morning just after midnight at Bombay's Bar in downtown Redding.

21-year-old Charlie Freitas was sitting at a bar table when an unknown man approached him and began talking to him. Freitas told police the man looked intoxicated.

Without warning, the man took out a knife and tried to stab Freitas in the chest, but instead stabbed his hand.

A fight broke out and the unknown man was forced to leave the bar. He is described by police as a white man in his late twenties to early thirties. He has a medium build, short brown hair, and was wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.

The investigation is still ongoing and anyone with information is asked to contact the Redding Police Department.

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