Man subdued after leading cops on chase

Man leads police on chase under the influence of meth

CHICO, Calif. - A Chico man led police on a chase from the roof of a house through several people's yards early Wednesday morning.

The suspect reportedly broke two windows and threatened to stab officers with a piece of glass. Officers had guns drawn as they say 32-year-old Shawn Cox was challenging them with a piece of broken glass.

Tina Tindal woke up to the sounds of Cox walking on her roof at 2:30 a.m.

"It's like someone falling through your roof," she said.

Tindall heard Cox screaming and saying he was drowning and wanted to kill himself. She called 911 while her dog barked at the noise. Tindal tried to scare Cox away by turning on and off her lights.

Chico police arrived at the Magnolia Avenue home and found Cox on the roof. Officers said he was high on methamphetamine. They ordered Cox off the roof.

"I was just kind of like what the hell," said Tindall. "Chico's has gotten kind of pretty out of it, you know?"

Cox ignored officer's commands and ran to a neighborhood on Mars Way.

"He ended up trying break out the windows of two different residences trying to gain entry," said Lieutenant Dave Britt of the Chico Police Department.

Britt said Cox grabbed a piece of glass from the second house and challenged officers. Chico police subdued him with a Taser in front of Jennifer Craigg's backyard gate.

"I was definitely in a deep sleep and woke up extremely startled," she said.

Craiggs and her husband hit the deck while officers took Cox into custody. Craiggs said she's remodeling her home where Cox allegedly broke the window.

"We were keeping it there as it was," said Craiggs. "So now we have to get it repaired."

Britt said Cox visited his girlfriend who has a restraining order against him before he went on this rampage. He's being charged with violating that order, resisting arrest, being under the influence of a controlled substance and vandalism.

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