Man Wins a Million Dollars with Scratcher Card Lottery at a Bar in Chico

CHICO, Calif. - A retired PG&E worker in Chico won a million dollars playing a scratcher card lottery at the Studio Inn Lounge.

Mark Leary bought a $10 ticket at the bar on Sun., Oct. 21 and the next day, he found out that he won while he was in the same bar that he bought the ticket in.

Mark Leary's wife, Mary, said that he has been going to the Studio Inn Lounge for a long time.

Bartender Anndria Macias said that in the past Leary has won the lottery five or six times, but he never took home more than $200.

Macias described Leary as a kind, quiet person who has been a frequent customer for years.

Macias said that six years ago, someone won a $5,000 ticket off of a one dollar ticket from the same machine at Studio Inn Lounge.

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