Manton community upset over possibility of losing school

MANTON, Calif. - People in Manton are concerned their school could get shut down.

The Antelope School District held a special board meeting Tuesday night at the Manton Elementary School to seek public input regarding school structure. Superintendent Todd Brose said the meeting was a starting point to figure out their district's most viable options for their smaller schools, including Manton, Plum Valley and Mineral.

Since there is not a large group of sixth through eighth graders for the upcoming school year, the district discussed academic and social options that may be better for the students. One suggestion is transporting the students to Berrendos Middle School in Red Bluff.

The suggestion of bussing kids out of town sparked a heated discussion with parents and community members. Some people wanted their kids to stay in a smaller school and not go to a place they were unfamiliar with. Parents were worried their kids wouldn't get the attention or guidance they needed. Other concerns included bullying on the busses and being tired from the long commute. Plus, community members were worried that their school would be shut down if it wasn't used.

The next board meeting is in May, where the district will present their final decision.


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