Marijuana growers on Elk Trail hire attorney to fight neighbors accusing them of water theft

Marijuana growers in Elk Trail angry over accusations of water theft

Some marijuana growers in Shasta County's Elk Trail subdivision who say they are following the law say Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting cost them this year's crop.

They have hired an attorney to defend them against, among other things, nearby property owners who are accusing them of stealing water.

On Tuesday, KRCR News Channel 7 reported that several speakers complained to the board that after long last, their water system was in, but marijuana growers were stealing water out of fire hydrants to grow their plants.

Some growers put down a $750 deposit for a meter they said they use when getting water for their plants. They said they pay much higher commercial rates for that water and they are angry that they are being accused of stealing.

On Wednesday, the day after the Board of Supervisors meeting, Shasta County deputies chopped down a marijuana garden off Elk Trail East.

The grower, who wanted to remain anonymous, said that with the co-ops now closed, there are no other alternative but to grow your own marijuana.

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