Marijuana ordinance likely delayed until November

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REDDING, Calif. - Shasta County medical marijuana supporters have turned in more than 13,000 signatures, likely preventing an ordinance banning outdoor grows from going into effect.

The Shasta County Board of Supervisors recently voted to ban all outdoor marijuana growing.

That would have taken effect tomorrow, unless medical marijuana supporters could gather more than 6,500 signatures; enough to place the referendum on the November ballot.

They gathered twice that amount.

"I'm amazed," said supporter Rick Arons of Growon Consignment Hydro Store.

Surprisingly, Arons said the Board of Supervisor's are to be thanked.

"Without the help of the Board of Supervisors enacting an outright ban, we wouldn't have the support we got. They essentially created a perfect storm," said Arons.

Those petitions will of course have to be validated by the Shasta County Clerk's Office, whose employees are working overtime to process all the signatures.

It's not just the signatures either.

The Shasta County Clerk's Office says they have registered about 3,700 new voters.

If there are enough valid signatures, the ordinance will qualify for the November Ballot.

Signature gatherers said they'll now turn their attention to a similar ordinance in Butte County.

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