Marine Accused of Attempted Murder Against His Unborn Child Back in Shasta County

REDDING, Calif. - The Marine accused of attacking the woman who was eight months pregnant with his child is in the Northstate to face charges.

20 year old Lance Swann was brought to the Shasta County Jail Wednesday afternoon and is being held on no bail.

Swann was arrested last week at Camp Pendleton, north of San Diego, and has been waiting to be brought to Redding since then.

Redding Police Investigators working the case say Swann, his cousin Erica Swann and fellow Marine Jeffrey Walton are all behind the attack on 18 year old Nicole Vultaggio.

Erica Swann originally claimed she was a victim in the attack, but detectives later determined the three were working together to hurt Vultaggio's baby.

All three suspects are accused of attempted murder, conspiracy and robbery.

The attack happened the night of June 20th near the Sundial Bridge in Redding.
Vultaggio, who was 8 months pregnant at the time, was punched, choked and kicked in the stomach.

She delivered a healthy baby by emergency c-section the next morning.

Jeffrey Walton of Ventura was arraigned in Shasta County Wednesday afternoon.

From the moment he first appeared in court, it was clear he was uncomfortable. The 20 year old seemed nervous, tired and upset. His father supported him in the courtroom.

Waltons' attorney, Jeffrey Stotter, said Walton had just returned from deployment in Afghanistan a few weeks before the attack.

He came to Redding in June with his friend and fellow marine, Lance Swann. According to the police report, Swann had told his brother days before that he was planning the attack. Walton's attorney says he never knew what Swann's real motive was behind their trip.

"I think they're very sympathetic. I mean, Mr. Walton, for right or wrong, was trying to support the young man who he returned from Afghanistan with. He's a young man with no kind of criminal record and I think he's very regretful of any bad decisions he may have made and he's very thankful that nobody was seriously or permanently injured," Stotter told us.

Rright now, Walton is on emergency leave from the Marines.

Originally, he was in Orange County Jail, for the conspiracy and robbery charges. After bailing out, attempted murder charges were added. Once he heard there was a new warrant for his arrest, Walton and his dad drove to Shasta County where he turned himself in Tuesday afternoon.

He is being held with no bail.

Walton and Erica Swann are scheduled to be back in court August 1st.

Lance Swann is scheduled to be arraigned Thursday afternoon.


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