Mark Duenas' attorney to continue representing him in retrial

Mark Duenas to keep attorney through retrial

REDDING, Calif. - The defense attorney for Mark Duenas, the man accused of murdering his wife in their Cottonwood home, will continue to represent him in his retrial.

A mistrial had been declared in Duenas' first murder trial earlier this month and plans are moving forward for his October retrial.

Ron Powell, Duenas' defense attorney will continue to represent him, however, there will be a change to the prosecution. Stephanie Bridgett will now represent the people instead of Eamon Fitzgerald.

Duenas' time in court on Friday was brief. A request to lower Duenas' $1 million bail was denied. The jury voted nine to three on August 6 to acquit Mark Duenas of murdering his wife of nearly 33 years. However they could not come to a unanimous agreement on a verdict, saying they were "hopelessly deadlocked" and Shasta County Judge Bradley Boeckman declared a mistrial.

Duenas will be in court on September 16 for a pre-trial conference. Jury selection is set to begin on October 1 and given the outcome of the first trial and the amount of publicity the case has gotten, the judge anticipated allowing more time for jury selection.

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