Marshall Islands girl gets help for dislocated elbow in Redding

REDDING, Calif. - A collaboration between Shasta Orthopedics and several other Northstate organizations is helping 8-year-old Geraldine DeBrum get mobility back in her right elbow.

About nine months ago, DeBrum fell from a tree in her native Marshall Islands, where she broke her elbow and due to lack of medical services, never received medical attention.

Steve Doll, an Orthopedic Clinician, said many medical providers have gone to the Marshall Islands to provide services. One of those groups saw DeBrum but they did not have the proper tools needed to help her. That group called Shasta Orthopedics.

Doll said he contacted Dr. Paul Schwartz and Schwartz agreed to perform the surgery at no cost. It's a surgery Schwarts has never done before.

"This surgery is not a common surgery, it doesn't happen very often in the United States," said Doll. "Most elbow dislocations get treated almost immediately but this one is delayed now , about nine months out. Healthcare people say that they would like to go overseas and do something and I thought maybe we can bring someone from overseas here."

Setting up the surgery took about two months, The total cost is estimated to be about $50,000. DeBrum will arrive with her mother in Redding around 8:00 pm Wednesday.

Medical officials say the surgery would not have been possible without a list of organizations that have donated their time, money and services.

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