Medical marijuana advocate's attorney: ‘Benno is a hero'

Medical marijuana advocate's attorney speaks

REDDING, Calif. - The civil attorney for medical marijuana advocate James Benno said his client is not only innocent of the charges that put him behind bars, he's a hero.

Michael Scheibli is one of two attorneys employed by James Benno.

James Benno and his two sons Jacob and Logan were arrested on Tuesday during a raid at their home in Olinda.

Shasta County Drug Agents and Code Enforcement say they found 101 marijuana plants, firearms, evidence of a honey oil lab, 50 pounds processed marijuana and cash. The trio are facing a slew of charges. 

Scheibli said Benno is a passionate medical marijuana advocate.

"James' problem is that he's out in people's faces. He is the hero that none of us are," Scheibli said. "He's the one who is willing to stand up and put it on the line. Something you or I probably don't have the nerve to do."

Scheibli also said the way Benno was arrested wasn't right.

"I'm surprised by the level of violence that occurred, okay, and it was so totally unnecessary," Scheibli said. "[To] have your head kicked in and a boot put in your face is unnecessary and pure thuggery."

Benno and his sons are expected back in court on June 5th for their preliminary hearing. His daughter has vowed to stay outside the courthouse until her family is freed. 

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