Medical marijuana, new chief of probation on council agenda

Medical marijuana, new Chief of Probation on Supervisor's agenda

REDDING, Calif. - The Shasta County Board of Supervisors discussed a medical marijuana ordinance and approved a new chief probation officer in Tuesday's meeting.

Supervisors passed a restrictive ordinance in January banning all outdoor grows and limiting indoor grows to structures detached from homes with an air filtration system.

Opponents gathered enough signatures to put it to a vote as Measure A.

Sheriff Tom Bosenko presented the rebuttal to the argument against the measure during the meeting Tuesday morning. The board passed the wording for the rebuttal unanimously.

That wasn't the only approval issued by the Supervisors.

Tracie Neal was made the official chief probation officer in Tuesday's meeting. Neal had been serving as the interim chief probation officer and was praised by the board for her work dealing with AB 109 offenders.

She was also credited with getting the new juvenile facility up and running.

"I'm here in Shasta County and I've been the assistant chief because I truly believe in the work that we do as a department," Neal said. "I believe that we can make a difference in the community ... and I'm very proud to be able to lead this organization and do this work that we need to do."

The Board also responded to the recently released grand jury report, agreeing that code enforcement is seriously backlogged, however; the Board said that limiting resources will make it difficult to follow up on cases and move them to conclusion.

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