Mega Millions jackpot soars above $400 million

REDDING, Calif. - Tuesday's Mega Millions jackpot is nearly half a billion dollars.

It's $400 million to be exact.

If the winner chooses the cash option - that's a life-changing $224.8 million dollars.

This jackpot is the third largest ever for Mega Millions, and the 7th largest U.S. Jackpot.

Many people in the Northstate were out today buying tickets, hoping lady luck is on their side.

"Yeah why not, somebody's gotta do it and why not me," said Mark Benda, who bought a ticket himself. "You know, so hopefully I can share the wealth with my wife and I, and my little boys will have a better future."

The odds of winning the mega millions jackpot are one in 259 million.

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