Megan and Rachael Rapinoe to host soccer camps

Two Northstate native soccer icons are returning home to teach the next generation of athletes.

Rapinoe twin sisters, Megan and Rachael, are getting ready to host their fourth annual Rapinoe Soccer Camp in Redding.

"We are really excited to be out here again to be able to come home to a park like this is something. We didn't have this growing up and its amazing," said Megan.

Soccer stars Megan and Rachael were born and raised in Redding. Both have gone on to have impressive athletic careers, including playing professionally. Megan also helped lead the women's U.S. team to a gold medal in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Now they are helping the next generation of aspiring soccer players.

"Something a lot of kids around the country don't have, so it is a pretty amazing opportunity to have the kind of coaches we have and still have fun," said Megan.


The camps teach valuable skills and give kids the chance to connect with some of the top athletes.


"That's a big reason why we do it because we want these kids to have someone to look up to and connect with," said Rachael.


Their goal is to encourage kids to dream big and show them anything is possible. Being from a small town, they want kids to understand it doesn't limit what they can achieve.


"To realize we came from the exact same place as you did, " said Megan, "cool sense of hope and we didn't have that when we were younger."


The Redding Rapinoe Soccer Camp is this Sunday at the Redding Soccer Park starting at 9 a.m. For more details on the camp visit their website


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