Metteer Elementary in Red Bluff holds its first day of school

RED BLUFF, Calif. - Kindergarteners at Metteer Elementary in Red Bluff were excited to be at school on Wednesday.

"The first day of school is always the best because you get to play on the playground," said Yaneli Chavez, who is in kindergarten.

This year, the kindergarteners at Metteer Elementary school have a new playground. The school was able to qualify for a grant given to them by the Shasta Regional Community Foundation, which made it possible for them to add the much needed addition. The grant amounted to $19,799.36.

"To have that's as a place to exercise and work on their growth motor skills, it's just been a wonderful addition to our campus," said Kat Doverspike, a kindergarten teacher at the school.

Another teacher, Leslie Henzie, agreed.

"We want the kids to be really excited and love it and create the best foundation for all the other years," said Leslie Henzie, a teacher at the school.

The kids talked about where they hoped that foundation they were building would take them and opened up about their futures.

"I wanna be older so I can go to college," said Natalia Gonzalez.

"I want to fix peoples boo boos or if they get cut," said Jonathan Sears.

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