Milestone tech to become Chico's 4th largest employer

Milestone tech to become Chico's 4th largest employer

CHICO, Calif. - Just days away from opening its facility, Chico tech company Milestone Technologies is already looking to become the fourth largest employer in Chico.

Milestone announced last month it would hire 230 employees as it opens its new customer service center in Chico.

That center is set to have its grand opening on Wednesday, they're putting the finishing touches on it.

And just a few days away from that opening, they're announcing they want to hire another 110 employees.

The latest hires will make the company the fourth largest employer in Chico.

Milestone's CEO Prem Chand, a Butte County native, says that figure shocks him.

"It feels unreal," says Chand. "We knew that we were going to create jobs up here and we didn't know it was going to be this quick so it feels pretty incredible, not just to me but to the entire milestone company. And everybody is behind it and excited about it."

Chand says part of the reason they're so eager to grow is they found so many qualified employees at a job a fair they held a month ago.

They're confident they can find the right workers here in the area.

He also says they intend to have the customer service center open 24 hours to meet client's needs.

Chand says they're looking for people with great customer service skills but there are other openings they need to fill as well.

If you would like to check out Milestone's job posting, click here.

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