Missing man's car found in embankment off of Highway 70; human remains inside

CHICO, Calif. - More than a month after being reported missing in Plumas County, a Meadow Valley man's vehicle was found with human remains inside in a ditch off of Highway 70 on Tuesday.

The man is Clifford Wade, a 68-year-old who went missing on May 1. The Plumas County Sheriff said he might have been on his way to Chico for a doctor's appointment.

Detective Sgt. Steve Peay of the Plumas County Sheriff's Office said that although nothing is confirmed, it seemed that Wade was on his way to Chico and crashed his car into the embankment.

The car, a 1969 Mercury Cougar, was discovered over the embankment on the morning of June 4 by Caltrans workers after an unrelated traffic collision had cleared in the same area. The embankment was about three miles east of Scooter's Cafe in Butte County.

Wade's vehicle was located about 30 yards over the embankment in an area covered by thick trees and brush, making his car difficult for cars or helicopters to spot. After the vehicle was seen, the Butte County Sheriff Search and Rescue team responded and located human remains at the scene.

The remains are not yet confirmed to be that of Wade, they are being investigated by the Butte County Coroner's Office.

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