Mold found at Chico Fire Station Five, remains open

CHICO, Calif. - Chico Fire has confirmed that mold has been found at fire station five.
The station serves over 16,000 people and protects Upper Bidwell Park, but firefighters are saying the station is open for right now.

There have been reports of the station is being temporarily closed, but Division Chief Shane Lauderdale said that's not true.
He said as of right now they are figuring out how to deal with this issue.

Chico Fire says they have found three areas where mold was found. 
They say the cause is long-term water leaks.

"Investigations are being done into how exactly how the mold is to be dealt with and how exactly how it will be paid for in any of those repairs," said Lauderdale.

Fire officials said it's safe for firefighters to be working out of the station.  They revealed that very little mold has been discovered so far.

There's still the possibility that the station could be temporarily shut down depending on the report, but officials said will just have to see what the inspectors have to say.

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